Why Attend GMIC ?


Bridging Asia and Australia

In a first for tech gatherings of this scale in Australia, GMIC Sydney boasts a truly international representation. 20-30% of the attendees will be flying in from Asia, a cohort that consists of C-level executives from the leading tech companies in China. It is rare to gather these people in the same room, rarer still for this to happen in Australia. The collision of ideas between the tech powerhouses of Asia and the brightest minds of Australia will make this an opportunity not to be missed.

Commitment to Connections

GMIC is not just a 2-day conference; it is a platform whose value arises from the connections it forges. By providing GMIC attendees with structured and customised networking both on-site and off-site, GMIC has been known as a place where CEOs find their next key hire, startups find their next investor and corporates find their next partners. By joining GMIC, you’ll join a vibrant and powerful community where the next opportunity for synergy is waiting to be unearthed.

Deep Tech Focus

Australia is a country known for its cutting edge research, but its level of commercial output is relatively low. Improving the commercialising of deep tech is a pressing matter that concerns not only the current productivity of Australian industries, but their future resilience. This is why in GMIC’s Australia debut, we bring the much-celebrated deep tech scientists of Australia into spotlight; and anchor the conversation on bridging their research with the global commercial market.


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